Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser

CBS radio, carriers of WHFS, came out in the news today and said that the new policy was enacted on THEIR request as part of the new deal that the Orioles struck:

"But a top manager at CBS Radio - whose WHFS (105.7 FM) will carry Orioles games this year - said this policy was instituted at his organization's request and is just a matter of a rights-holder getting some extra benefits it paid for.

"What we have asked for is to be the focal point of information," Bob Philips, senior vice president, CBS Radio/Baltimore, said yesterday. "The Orioles are just trying to follow some things we asked for in the contract. We're trying to offer more access" to listeners."

Full article over at the Sun. I was just playing devil's advocate, when I said it was sour grapes on Davis' and BAL's fault - but it appears now that this is WBAL and CBS radio duking it out and putting the Orioles in the middle.

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