Saturday, February 10, 2007


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Corey Patterson has inked a 1 year 4.3 million dollar deal (seen
here) and he will be on the team at least through this year. I really hope we find a way to hold on to C-Pat, as the kids call him, Though he may not be a VITAL part of the team like a Tejada or Bedard watching him play over the last year was a real treat. He gives his all in every play and watching him chug down the first base line beating out a bunt that the FIRST BASEMAN FIELDED was always amazing. The man is just so - darn - fast! It truly is mind boggling. I was at that game pictured, the bullpen's reaction was pretty much mine.

Worst case scenario, we get to watch Patterson shag balls for another year. But lets all hope for more.

While we are on the arbitration front, O's potential ace Erik Bedard has yet to sign a deal that would prevent the team from going to arbitration. The sides were still seemingly very far apart at last check and that is far from an encouraging sign. Not that I worry about the arbitration process, if there is
ANYTHING the Orioles do well is win arbitration cases. Still, I don't want to see it get to that. We avoided it with two players, both of which we are at least open to (if not actively seeking) long term deals with, leaving Bedard the odd man out. Bedard is a very important part of this team next year and I want him in camp next week not worrying about this thing. I want him with a multi-year, secure deal paying him money that he feels he is worth.

Remember guys, it will be a bargain today compared to what we will have to pay him in a couple years. GIL MECHE is getting 10 million dollars a year. Lock this kid up now.

Finally on a sad note, former Yankee, Marine and coach of the Orioles 1966 World Series team Hank Bauer passed away recently. Rather than me sitting here and trying to wax philosphical on a man I never had the pleasure to see play or manage I will just link you over to a nice little story on who the man that led our team to their first championship, shocking the Dodgers and the world and leading to this cover of TIME Magazine.

Bless ya Hank. And thanks for the great legacy that you started and we are hoping to reclaim.

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