Friday, February 23, 2007

Jamie Walker: Alert and Talking

New relief acquisition Jamie Walker had a VERY scary moment today down it Florida as he took a Nick Markakis line drive off the back of his head. Walker was taken to a local hospital and is "alert and talking" so it appears that the Orioles have dodged a bullet there.

When reading the first report from Roch's Blog my first thought was "here way go again." As I am sure that all of the rosy feelings that have been surrounding O's camp so far I'm sure have many O's

Scott Williamson is apparently feeling as healthy as ever as he is pleased to finally be throwing with out is arm sounding like a Chinese New Year celebration (poppopopopop pop) So good news all around today for the Orioles health wise, so far. I don't want to jinks anything.

Other than that Orioles camp so far has been rather uneventful. Which is a pretty good thing this early on. Basically its just basic drills getting them ready for spring training season that will begin March 1st against the Marlins.

Also from Roch's blog: de facto backup catcher Paul Bako has been very impressed with Chris Ray's ability to locate the ball. When I read that it rang MAZZONE to me, I really think that the Mazzone
fans waiting for the other shoe to drop as it were. factor will finally break through this year, especially with Cabrera. The only thing that I am sad about is he got laser eye surgery thus eliminating his need for glasses when pitching. I know that was the best possible thing for him to do for his game, but come on. How cool would it have been to have our own Ricky Vaughn out there on the mound? References to baseball comedy aside to me Danny Cabrera is the lynch-pin of the rotation this year. A theory I shall expand upon in a later entry tonight as I have to pack up and hop in the car and drive out to the eastern shore tonight.

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