Friday, April 6, 2007

Big Loe in the Boogiedown

The Birds take their uninspired, to put it nicely, 0-3 record into the Bronx tonight to open up a series against the hated, despised, loathed and poo-pooed New York Yankees. The Orioles may have some problems, but the Yanks are not beyond their own troubles.

1) The constant A-Rod, Jeter drama. Two of the best players in baseball playing on a legendary team in the most
recognizable city in the WORLD and they can't find a way to co-exist. Frankly that is just pathetic.

2) The Orioles rotation looks shaky but the Yankees make-shift rotation leaves a lot to be desired. Due to the Bronx rain-out earlier this week the O's miss the return of Andy Pettite (noted Oriole killer) and draw Mike Mussina tonight. Up next for the Yankees...umm...errr...Kei Igawa (AKA The Dice-K consolation prize) and Darrel Rasner, yeah I hadn't heard of him either.

3) Injuries, injuries, injuries. Most importantly Jonny Damon "Will test his calf" before tonight's game, per ESPN, and he will be a game-time decision.

Sets up good for the O's right? Well, I have doubts. The
Orioles just seem to have a habit of making no-name pitchers look like Cy Young. Boof Bonser skunked us last year in his second or third start in Baltimore (I was there, ugh) And seeing no-names in the Bronx makes that little voice in the back of my head chime in with said doubts. The Orioles' offense was fairly dreadful over the first series, scoring only 8 runs in 3 games. Is there any hope?

Cue: Adam Loewen.

Loewen in his games against the Yankees:
2-1, 2.63 ERA, 23K and holding the bombers to a .205 AVG. One word comes to mind - NICE.

Loewen is our best hope to get off the schnide in a hurry, and no better place to do it than in the Boogiedown. There is nothing better than the sound of 50 thousand Yankee fans shutting the hell up.

On a final note, ESPN's first round of power rankings came out, The birds? 27. "Will the Orioles sell out their home opener on Monday? We will be watching..." Only one way to stop the shots guys and that is win. Go get 'em Birds!


Anonymous said...

Our first win and another Yankee loss; victory is sweet :)

fortytwo said...

It is always a good thing to beat the yankees.

Always a good thing.