Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Opening Day Impressions

Just impressions of the Opening Day festivities around the park yesterday.

- The Abbott & Costello impersonators were back, those guys are always great.

- F. Robby's 20 was gone, at the fan fest I noticed it was dented rather badly by something, it is being repaired.

- Big scoreboard says ORIOLES v TIGERS, mini-scoreboards said DET v BAL.

- A-10 Bombers flying overhead was a real treat, totally unexpected.

- Each member of the team ran out on the carpet with a little leaguer in full uniform, I thought that was real nice.

- Still need a new TV screen, the Sun article over the weekend said that it should happen during the year this year sometime. O's want a bigger HD screen, MSA wanted to put a sharper screen of the same size in the existing hole.

- Ushers were very friendly, all wearing buttons "how can I help you?" I had heard through the grapevine over the fall that the ushers had heard loud and clear the criticisms of their corps. During the orientation they spent the first half of it going over the various customer complaints.

- Sliders and Pickles need to do a better job of crowd control, just a wall of people by 1PM, made moving nearly impossible. Ideally Russel street should be closed down for those two blocks, but that would be logistically hard to do.

- Light Rail is definitely the way to go to the game if you can.

I wanted to write a game recap, but I am still worn out after a day of work today, and a day of cheering yesterday so I will give you the best of the blogosphere, Paul over at Orioles Hangout. He does the best recaps.

Wright goes tonight, as I write this they are through one inning and Wright looks better, his velocity is up in the 90's and his pitches have a lot more zip.

The following was the best part of the opening day ceremonies

Millar doing the Ray Lewis shuffle, the crowd went nuts when that happened. The homerun he hit in his first at bat helped out his cost too.

I wanna chime in on the WNST debacle and the amount of mis-information that has been pumped out there from NST. But I may save that for this week's podcast, I am wiped after a long day, plus a faculty meeting. I'll check back in after the game.


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