Sunday, March 18, 2007

Hazy Sunday thoughts

Happy St. Patrick's Day Weekend everyone!

Sorry I have been absent as of late, the job has kept me VERY busy. And Saturday was St. Patty's day so I was busy taking part in the revelry of the day.

Stopping by for some quick thoughts:

-The Orioles have hit a bad streak so far dropping games to the Marlins, Twins and Mets before split squad victories yesterday and another 2-1 loss to the Red Sox today.

-The Red Sox played in Ft. Lauderdale and Red Sox nation was in full force. I hate these guys

-Danny had 5 hitless innings before giving back-to-back doubles. He also threw 5 walks. That seems bad, but none of those walks scored. You hear "Cabrera" and "5 walks" and your heart sinks as you think, "Oh boy - here we go again." But you have to look at it like this. Cabrera gives up so few hits and strikes out so many that his walks are like singles. Cabrera will probably average about 4 walks per 9 innings. there are going to be games he doesn't walk anyone, there will be games he will walk 5 or 6. But Danny needs to be able to scatter those walks. 5 walks scattered over 7 innings with none of those walks scoring, I'll take it. If a man walks to first, and he doesn't score, does it really matter?

-Hayden Penn is in hot water as his attitude has come into question recently. He was supposed to start Friday, but he did not due to an "equipment problem." That means Hayden forgot his bag. Penn's stock has been falling for the last couple of years and here he had a chance to make some noise and he is pulling stuff like this. Now Hayden has been a fairly hard-luck story over the last year or so. What with his appendix and now his ankle, it could be understandable that he is down on himself but you're a pro kid you need to get that stuff together. We need you.

-The new Orioles commercials on MASN are very entertaining. "Take a seat Sheffield." Nice.

-Guinness is a fantastic beverage, you all should partake. And not only on St. Patty's Day.

-Fells Point is simply one of the prettiest spots in the area.

-General consensus of the bar patrons. The Orioles are looking real good and people are excited for the year to start. At least the nice guy that bought me shots seemed to think so. But of the couple dozen people I talked to all day we all raised our glasses at least once for the birds. People seem to be pretty jazzed. I know I am.

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