Sunday, March 11, 2007

If it bleeds....

....we can KILL it.

The Orioles went up against Dice-K "Golden Jesus" Matsuzaka and handed him his first loss of the season. The loss came courtesy of two homeruns from Jon Knott and Jason DuBois. After the Knott Homerun Dice-K "lost his swagger" and looked uncomfortable out of the stretch. This coming from an eye-witness over at the Orioles Hangout boards.

Shameless plug for the Hangout. Seriously though, the BEST orioles boards on the net. If you have been here, and not there you have your priorities WAY out of whack.

But the Orioles polished off the Bo-Sox today to the tune of 5-3.

Trax-a-million had a rough start but got out of all the jams
he got himself in (6 base runners by his second inning of work) and left with a win. He settled down nicely by the third inning and did it without the help of the coaches. Listening to the game on the radio today it seemed he wasn't locating his fast-ball well and everything was up, so midway through the second inning he started working his breaking stuff hard and heavy and he was able ot get out of jams. Trax has been the worst pitcher so far this spring, his ERA a hefty 7, but he showed enough poise on the mound today to show me why some of the higher up want him around. He does have the experience of a long time vet that a team with a still relatively young staff needs. But Trax has to be on a short leash though. If he struggles in April I would expect to see Penn, or even Guthrie, on a fast train from Norfolk.

It's great to have pitching depth isn't it? You know what's better than that?

Taking down the Red Sox Nation a couple notches and drawing first-blood against their golden boy.

As I said above:::

If it bleeds, we can kill it

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