Sunday, March 4, 2007

Three in a Row!

The Orioles have strung together three straight practice wins with another victory over Apu's favorite squadron, the NY Mets. The 6-3 victory, buoyed by a 5 run 3rd inning, was underscored by the unsettling start from Jaret Wright.

Wright came out and pitched one inning. He was wild gave up one hit, picked off former Oriole Daivd Newhan at second base and
ultimately got out of the inning without surrendering a run. But that is all the action he would see as Garrett Olson began the second. But, Olson began warming up as soon as Wright began the game? Then Wright leaves after an ineffective first inning? Joe Angel mentions on the broadcast that Wight might be feeling "tenderness" in his pitching shoulder?


Details are still very hazy about Wright's health, or lack there of. Wright maintains that he had no idea why he was taken out, per Roch's blog. And He goes on to say that he is fine and there is no need for any questions regarding his health. But still, Wright has a history of shoulder problems and we do not need yet another starter missing significant time with an injury. I am not one to panic, but until I hear from Perlozzo that Wright is fine I'm going to be a little concerned.

If you haven't heard a game on HFS yet,
be sure that you catch the next one because I can honestly say it is a WORLD of improvement over the AM signal. Hearing Angel's voice in crystal clear stereo without background cosmic white noise and occasional interference with low flying crows is certainly a treat. While we are on the radio thing. I am hearing a lot of promos for "all access" postgame shows featuring Duquette and Perlozzo, where people will call in and ask questions. The promos are making it seem like these are going to be very regular occurrences. Perhaps this was the thing behind the exclusivity clause that CBS requested and the O's accepted. Perhaps this year we will be able to call in and ask questions on a regular basis, not the once in a blue moon times before? Just a thought, but if it does work out like that does that policy look as bad?

Turning back to the game, The Orioles fell victim to the seemingly immortal Rueben Sierra. Sierra of course began his career learning under the great Honus Wagner and is still in baseball to this day. Sierra drove in all of the Mets' three runs today, tagging Radahmes "Snappy" Liz for a 2 run double during a windy day in Ft. Lauderdale. Melvin had a bag-clearing bases-loaded double in the third that would jump the O's to a 5-1 lead, and an eventual win.

Garret Olson pitched alright, but struggled at time. Perlozzo is concerned that Olson "is getting under the ball," but I wouldn't give on him yet. Kurt Birkins got the save today helping his ca
use for that elusive spot in the bullpen. And it is a tight race.

Right now the locks in the pen are:


That leaves:

All fighting for a spot. Only 3 of them are going to get tapped. We haven't seen Penn yet and he could be a candidate for the starting rotation. Or at least he should be but unless Trax-tastic puts up about 2-3 more starts like his first one I think Penn is in the pen. Guthrie, Williams and Parrish have all looked very good in early spring appearances, Burres not so much. So if I had to pick my three right now they would be:


That would mean Birkins, Penn and Burres get sent back to AAA Norfolk. I don't want to send Penn down there again as he has nothing more to prove at the AAA level but until he gets some solid in-game work this spring he may get passed by again. Though, if he did head down to the Tides I am sure he would be back up here for before the All-Star break if Trachsel struggles in any way or someone gets hurt.

So far this spring the Orioles have looked pretty good, Melvin has had a good couple of games, Tejada has shown some rust in the field, 1 error and a couple muffs today, but he will come around. Markakis is showing that a sophomore slump is the least of his worries with consistent production in the field and at the plate. In fact it has lead him to be named one of the Top Ten Beakout Players in '07, along with Adam Loewen. Val Majewski and Jeff (Screech) Fiorentino have opened some eyes with very good play so far this spring. All in all it has been a good spring so far for the birds, lets keep it going.

Other notes:
- Backup catcher Paul Bako has been sidelined, day-to-day with a strained oblique muscle. Hopefully this will allow Orioles FA pick-up J.R. House get some time in as catcher, many feel he would be far superior to Bako in the role, I'm one of them.

- Jon Knott and Jay gibbons both got time in LEFT-field today, Gibbons started. it is good to see the team trying to work Gibbons in multiple areas of the game. So far he has spent time as a first-baseman, DH, RF and now LF. Keeping Gibbons healthy, and his bat in the lineup, should be a priority for Perlozzo this year. I am convinced that a healthy productive Gibbons batting in between Huff and Hernandez could have a very strong year.


Anonymous said...

Do you work for WHFS? Because Infinity/CBS' presentation of Ravens games SUCKED, an lord knows that they will make this SUCK. Infinity/CBS SUCKS

fortytwo said...

Well, I'm not sure I can argue with such air-tight logic like THAT.

Where exactly did you practice this unique form of Lincoln-Douglas debate? Harvard? Yale?

So far, two games in, the presentation has been great.

After all, the Orioles kept the same on air talent and Amber Theoharis is a very good personality as well.

Have you listened to the games? Or are you just shooting off with no knowlegde of the product itself.

Wait? Steve? Steve Davis? Is that you?