Wednesday, March 7, 2007

REAL Quick Hits

Sorry for lack of updates, just started a new job. FINALLY GOT THE TEACHER GIG! Seriously, 5 years of work finally coming to fruition - its a beautiful thing, very very happy.

But I have been BUSY AS HELL the last few days. In the meantime:

- Erik Bedard is proving he is the man with another dominate spring performance. Guy has gone 5 innings and given up 1 hit. I know its only spring, but that is impressive.

- Remember I said not to give up on Garret Olson, well the team did as he has been reassigned to Sarasota.

- Only ONE XL shirt available right now. All other sizes available, more XLs in a couple weeks.

In other MLB news, Daisuke Matsuzaka has pitched in two Spring Training games and was very impressive. Of course 3 of his five innings were against the Boston College Baseball team. But that hasn't stopped the sporting world from anointing him the second coming of Jesus, Elvis and Cy Young all wrapped into one. What he has done so far is impressive, but the press this kid is getting is a little tiring.

I need to sleep now, regular update tomorrow evening.

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